Previous Holiday Clubs

Been to a holiday club before ? Trying to remember what we did each year ? The following list may jog your memory.

2019 – Backpackers

With a travel theme, we explored five European cities through fun facts, food, history and geography.

We also travelled with Jesus as he arrived in Jerusalem and explored the events of his last week on earth through the awesome accounts from the Gospel of Matthew.  It was all wrapped up in our normal mixture of Fun, Games, Craft, Bible Stories and Songs, plus performances of Drama and Song.

Click below for our on-site documentary report !


2018 – Rocky’s Plaice

We revisited ‘Rocky’s Plaice’ back in 2018.  Rocky not only runs a fish and chip shop, but he also runs a church which meets in his shop. He’s not the most organised of people, so chaos ensues.

Using this fun theme, we were looking at stories in the book of Acts through the eyes of Peter (another Rocky).

On Friday we ended with our traditional Fish & Chip lunch – an idea introduced 8 years previously during our first visit to Rocky’s Plaice.

Click below for a glimpse of the fun we had !


2017 : Showstoppers

The 2017 Holiday Club was called “SHOWSTOPPERS”.  We were joined by nearly 70 children to lift the curtain on the greatest show on earth – God’s great plan for salvation!

Every morning, through fun, games, video, stories, songs, drama and craft; we looked at a well known story from the Bible that helps us understand God’s plans for us and his creation.  At the end of each morning, different groups of children had the chance to be SHOWSTOPPERS as they perform a drama or song for parents.

For an idea of the fun we had, take a look at the video below …

SR Logo (Transparent)2016 : Seaside Rock

In 2016 around 60 children aged 5-11 joined us at “Seaside Rock” to have a great time and learn more about Jesus.

It was set at “St Catherines-By-The-Sea” where we enjoyed all the excitement of the beach with five fun-filled days of games, craft, music, drama, fun and laughter. We also heard through Gospel stories, how Peter (the Seaside Rock) took up the challenge to follow Jesus.

Each day, the 2 hour session ended with a music or drama performance by some of the children for family and friends.

Click below for a glimpse of the fun we had !

or click here to watch the video.


Polar Explorers LOGO (Blue Background)2015 : Polar Explorers

2015s holiday club had an exploration theme and was called “Polar Explorers”.

With the help of ‘Sir Random Finds’ and ‘Bare Feet’, the children were explorers who went on a mini-expedition to learn about a different New Testament character each morning. Through the lives of these people, they learn that no one is too ‘anything’ to be part of God’s big expedition, that is, to be a friend of Jesus and go out and help other people be friends of Jesus too. It used stories from the book of Acts.

Have a look below to see what fun we had.

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Mega_Makers+Characters-for-web2014 : Mega Makers

The 2014 holiday club was called Mega Makers. It was based on the theme of inventions and explored God Creations as well as the vastness of God’s love. It used stories from Matthew’s Gospel.

If only the Mega Machine had been as reliable as God’s love !

Have a look below to see what fun we had.

or click here to watch the video.


Starship Logo Colour V3b - Small2013 : Starship Discovery

The 2013 holiday club had a space theme and was called “Starship Discovery”.

As well as exploring space, we followed the story of Peter, from his initial meeting with Jesus, following Jesus, through Jesus’ death and resurrection and onto his travels around the known world telling others of Jesus.

Have a look below to see what fun we had.

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On-Your-Marks2012 : On Your Marks

In honour of the London Olympics, the 2012 Holiday Club was sports themed. It was called “On Your Marks” and contained stories from the book of Mark. It started with an ‘Opening Ceremony’ on Sunday 12th August, with the main club running from Monday 13th to Friday 17th August 10am to 12noon.

Have a look below to see the fun we had !

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Mission_Rescue_22011 : Mission Rescue

We discovered how God rescued the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, and how God continues to rescue people today through Jesus.

We turned the church into a “Secret Mission” training camp.

Watch the video below to see some of our fun, games, drama and songs.

Or click here to see the video.


Holida22010 : Rocky’s Place

Rocky’s Plaice focused on stories about Peter from Acts and how the early church started to grow. It all took place in a Fish & Chip shop ! We even had a fish and chip lunch on the last day.

Watch the video below to see some of our fun, games, drama and songs.

Or click here to see the video.

Showstoppers2009 : Showstoppers

Using music and drama, we explored the stories of Creation, David and Goliath, Daniel in the lion’s den, Jesus’ birth, and his crucifixion and resurrection. And, of course, there was the usual mix of games, craft, jokes and much more !

Champions Challenge2008 : Champions Challenge

Champions Challenge had a sporting theme to go along side the Olympic Games. We thought about Jesus fulfilling many different roles – Trainer, Physio, Teammate, Substitute and Winner.

Waste Watchers2007 : Wastewatchers

We learned about how God made the world and we need to care for it. We also learned how Jesus can help clear the rubbish out from our lives.

Pyramid Rock2006 : Pyramid Rock

We looked at the story of Joseph and how he was part of God’s big plan.

Landlubbers2005 : Landlubbers

Landlubbers are pirates searching for hidden treasure on a desert island. They discover the greatest treasure of all – knowing Jesus. That’s what the apostle Paul discovered and shared with Jesus’ followers in Philippi.

We had great fun for our week during August. We also enjoyed the Christmas Eve “This Winter Night” Musical which saw the pirates return.

Going Bananas2004 : Going Bananas

Yes, we enjoyed it so much in 1997, we met the Banana boys with their Time Shed again !

Seaside Rock2003 : Seaside Rock

Seaside Rock was all about Peter who met Jesus at the Seaside and was given the name “The Rock”. The Seaside Rock holiday club had all the fun of being on the beach and much more – including games, crafts, Bible stories, the beach lookout, music and rock pool groups.

Desert Detectives2002 : Desert Detectives

Desert Detectives was a cross between Indiana Jones and Time Team where we dug up biblical artefacts and find out how the stories they help tell are relevant today.

Ground Breakers2001 : Ground Breakers

Each day both biblical and (relatively) modern characters were introduced who were all noted for breaking new ground in their own way, sometimes figuratively and other times through practical engineering.

Go For Gold2000 : Go for Gold

This year’s theme was the Olympics – although St Catherine’s held the All-ympics, and the weeks title was ‘Go for Gold!’ It was based upon the image used several times by Paul that following Jesus was like running a race.

Mega Quest1999 : MegaQuest

Using a computer game based theme, Chronic, Flora Croft and Super Harrio were the Virus Busters, battling with the baddy Logoff and his sidekick DumDum.

The Story Keepers1998 : Storykeepers

Using the popular children’s TV programme as a guide, we re-told many of the stories of Jesus and his followers.

Going Bananas1997 : Going Bananas

We met the Banana boys who lived on Banana Island. Using their Time Shed we met loads of people from the Bible who went Bananas about God.

Chatta box1996 : Chattabox

We chatted about Jesus while using boxes for all sort of things !

Newshounds1995 : Newshounds

The church became a strange combination of TV studio and newspaper office as we reported on the strange happenings in Israel and Jerusalem.

1994 : On Fire


Body Builders Scripture Union Holiday Club1993 : Body Builders


Shipshapes1992 : Ship Shapes


Light Factory1991 : Light Factory


The J Team1990

This is so long ago, it’s hard to remember ! However we think it took place over three days and was called “J Team”.