Why come to Church?

It is possible to believe in God, to have faith in Jesus Christ, to be led and guided by the Holy Spirit, without coming to church!  However, coming to church regularly is important because it keeps the fire of your faith burning, helps you stay close to God and equips you for service.  And if we get it right – can inspire and encourage you to live the abundant life Jesus has called us to live!  We welcome everyone – of faith, little faith and no faith – to be part of our church family here at St Catherine’s.

Why do people come to church and what difference does it make ?

We asked these questions to people who come to our services. Here’s some of their responses :-

Why do you come to church ?

  • To meet with God & enjoy fellowship with my friends
  • To worship God. To gain inspiration and to learn from the faith of others.
  • To learn about Jesus and God
  • Because I want to share with fellow Christians in praising and expressing the wonderful love that our Father has shown to us and through others.
  • Because I love to worship God in the company of my Church family, and I love to receive teaching and help to understand God’s word.
  • To be encouraged and equipped for living
  • To help me prepare for the week ahead.
  • Renewal of faith – a top up
  • To give thanks and be all I can for others
  • To be inspired in my walk of faith and to support others in their walk
  • To put myself right with God and feel God’s presence
  • Because church helps me to socialize with other people also it gives me a chance to communicate with God. This is because in situations I need God’s guidance to help me in difficult situations.
  • It’s my alternative home and family
  • To have time to think
  • I enjoy singing the hymns
  • I come to give thanks for many blessings, to share news, to ask for and receive forgiveness, and to intercede for many people and our community and world peace.
  • It is nice to be part of a big caring family. I want my baby boy to grow up knowing the meaning of having faith.
  • It’s part of my routine and if I don’t go then it doesn’t feel right. E.g. – on holiday it feels like something is missing.
  • For the Children – Sunday School
  • To love my family and friends and people unconditionally.
  • A good quiet time for reflection.
  • To help me to understand the world around me better.
  • I enjoy it.
  • Gives me time to reflect on my life and my daughter enjoys the fun activities
  • To give my son an understanding of Church, to let him mix with other children.
  • Opportunity for worship and bible teaching.

What difference has it made to you?

  • Able to get through the week knowing I am God’s child
  • We experience a great (input?) spiritually.
  • It strengthens my faith and give me hope for the future.
  • Recently helped me through a trying time.
  •  I could not function in life without regular attendance at church.
  • If I miss it I start to wilt.
  • On going hope.
  • It gives my life a purpose
  • The knowledge that, with God’s help, I can face whatever the walk will bring.
  • I am more confident sharing my faith with others.
  • It is my life, everything to me, every aspect of my life is blessed through God’s love for me.
  • The “world” of difference.
  • This has made a big difference because it made me have a chance to talk with God. It made me be myself and who I am. More to the point I communicate with other people and there are people who can help me.
  • Helped us have a more regular conversation with God and learn more.
  • I feel part of something good. My children realise the importance of care and love for others. To think about the bigger picture of life and regain perspective.
  • Made me who I am.
  • Over the years knowing God has got me through tough times. As a teenager I could have easily lost sight of my dreams and taken a very different path in life. Knowing God has meant I have fulfilled my dreams and now have a wonderful husband and child.
  • Keeps family involved with church
  • Friends made.
  • More of a sense of purpose
  • Enjoyable experience.
  • My Son asks to come, he asks when the next Messy Church is. He looks forward to coming, and asks questions afterwards.
  • Helps to keep us on the right road
  • Opportunity to meet people in the area and to get involved in the community.

What difference would it make to you? Why not give it a try?