Every Sunday, we livestream our Sunday Service.  Here’s our most recent service videos …

During the corona-virus lockdown, we offered lots of content and encouragement, especially through our on-line videos.

Over the year and a quarter of various levels of lockdown we produced many hundred videos of varying types. Now that we are meeting regularly at church, our video production has reduced to just a couple a week which initially appear on Facebook.

However Facebook doesn’t make it easy for you to keep track of what is going up where and when, so they are listed here.

There are well over 500 earlier videos, accessible both on Facebook and within this web site.

Recent Videos

We’re currently providing

  • Sunday Service: (Live-stream from church; 10am Sunday).  Find them here

Previous Videos

Our schedule has varied over time, but in the past we have provided :-

  • An evening reflection during lent.  Find past videos here.
  • Dwelling in the Sermon: (Live or Pre-recorded; 10am Every Wednesday).  Find them here
  • Cat’s Cartoon Club: (Pre-Recorded; 10am First Saturday of the Month).  Find them here.
  • ‘At Home’ Sunday worship: (Live; 10am Sunday) Find them here
  • Morning Prayer: (Live; 10am Weekdays).  Find them here
  • Dwelling in the Creed: (Pre-recorded; 10am Every Monday).  Find them here
  • Dramatized Readings for Holy Week: (Pre-recorded).  Find them here
  • Evening Prayer for the Nation: (Pre-recorded; 6pm Every day).  Find them here
  • Advent Course: (Pre-recorded; 10am Wednesday).  Find them here
  • Book at Bedtime: (Pre-Recorded; 5pm Weekdays).  Find them here
  • R & R : (Pre-recorded; 10am Saturday).  Find them here
  • Saturday Funday, a silly game with Gill & Phil: (Pre-recorded; 10am Saturday)
  • Messy Church, for the young at heart: (Pre-recorded; 9am First Saturday of the month).  Find them here.
  • Afternoon Reflection: (Mainly live; Approx 4pm Mon-Friday).  Find them here
  • Thy Kingdom Com Evening Prayer : (Pre-recorded; 7pm Monday-Friday).  Find them here
  • Bible Readings: (Pre-recorded; 4pm Monday-Friday).  Find them here
  • Soul Music: (Pre-recorded; 4pm Monday-Friday).  Find them here
  • Tots Praise: (Pre-recorded; 9am Friday). Find them here.
  • Occasional Daily Office services: (Pre-recorded without a schedule).  Find them here.

If you’re still struggling, all our videos, in date order, can be found on Facebook, here