Church Activities and Coronavirus

St Catherine's ChurchThis page is regularly updated.  Please regularly return to read the latest situation.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed all our lives.  Our previous pattern of Sunday services and other midweek gatherings is greatly affected.  

We are exploring how to be a different kind of church, and how to both keep in contact and provide practical help.

As we explore what the ‘new normal’ means we are opening a few activities slowly and carefully.  At this time :-

  • We hold a simple service in our church building on Sundays at 10am.  We are experimenting with style and contents as we discover who is willing and able to join us.  Due to corona-virus there are many restrictions, but you are most welcome to attend.  Click here for the latest announcements.

We encourage you to :-

  • Join our live-streamed video services via our Facebook page .  We have a Sunday morning service video as well as a weekday live streamed ‘At Home’ Morning Prayer  service.  All start at 10am.  Please download a Morning Prayer service booklet from here.
  • Keep in contact via email, social media or telephone with each other.  If you are not already in one of our ‘Virtual Groups’ and wish to be included, please email us.

Please refer to this page for Practical Help if you are ill or isolated.

Please refer to this page for Spiritual Help during this time.

Church Activities

Some Church Activities are now resuming in a strict Covid-secure environment.

The following activities have already, or are about to resume.

      • Sunday Morning Services (now 10am – see above)
      • Café Siena (limited times & menu – see above)

The following groups are not holding physical meetings.

      • Tuesday get Together
      • Mid-Week Services in church
      • Friday Friends
      • York House communion
      • Calcot Cuppa
      • Mothers Union
      • Youth Group
      • Tots Praise
      • Cornwell 0-5s Play Group

At this time it is not known which activities will re-start at what time.  Please check back on this web site or our Facebook page for further details.

Other Hall & Church Users

Some groups, such as St Catherine’s Pre-school, have a specification exemption from the limit of six people gathering together.  They may continue to meet,  in a strict Covid-secure environment.

We have contacted the people booking the Hall or Church to discuss the additional requirements that the latest government guidance puts upon them and the practicality of whether their groups may restart.

At this time we do not know when any particular church centre users will restart their groups.  Please check with them for further details.

Also note:
To reduce the chance of cross contamination, the centre is being operated in two halves – Church and Hall.  Please use the north, car park entrance for the Church, and the south, road side entrance for the Hall.


Last updated 10th September  12:00 am.
Originally published 16th March 9:00 am.

On-line resources during Coronavirus

We are aware that many seek spiritual nourishment during this time of Coronavirus when we are unable to attend Church services together.  This may be especially important for those self isolating.

We are providing a range of resources, including live-streamed services, videos and reflections as well as study materials & fun activities.

We continue to meet together on-line in a variety of ways, primarily through Facebook and Zoom.

Immediately below are our most recent videos. Please scroll to the bottom for more resources.

Sunday Service – 27th September


Morning Prayer – Friday 25th September


Morning Prayer – Thursday 24th September


Morning Prayer – Wednesday 23rd September


Morning Prayer – Tuesday 22nd September


Morning Prayer – Monday 21st September


Sunday Service – 20th September


Morning Prayer – Friday 18th September



All our Morning Prayer & Sunday Service videos can be found here

Our videos for the young or young at heart can be found here

All our Afternoon Reflection videos can be found here

Our Thy Kingdom Come Evening Prayer videos can be found here

All our Bible Reading videos can be found here

All our Daily Office videos can be found here

All our Soul Music videos can be found here

Other Resources

All our downloadable resources, including our ‘At Home’ service booklet, can be found here

In addition to videos, further study material has been emailed or delivered. If you want this and haven’t already received it, please contact us at .  If you have a friend who’d like this, but does not have access to the Internet, please contact us.

A lot of announcements and links to additional material can be found on our Facebook page.

If you wish to join us for our Zoom Coffee meetings, please email us at

Last updated Friday 4th September 10:00 am.

Originally published Monday 16th March 9:00 am

Sunday Worship – 23rd August

St Catherine of Siena ChurchIn addition to our on-line service, we have been holding a simple, spoken worship service in church at 10am for a few Sundays now.

As attendance at this physical service has grown, we are now introducing a booking system.

If you would like to attend please let Rev Gill know before 12 noon on Saturday, or email us here at . If you turn up without booking, you may still be able to attend, but be prepared for the unlikely possibility that we may not be able to fit you in!

Please remember to wear a face mask. Strict social distancing is in place, and Covid-19 guidelines have been implemented. Government advice is that 70+ be encouraged to stay at home – but it is the individuals decision as to whether you attend.

Our separate on-line service continues as usual at 10am, and can be found at

Sunday Worship – 2nd August

You can join us for worship in two ways this Sunday, 2nd August:

10.00 am On-line Worship service, with worship songs and lively preaching

10.00 am Communion at St Catherine’s, This will be a simple spoken service, with no singing. In keeping with regulations, chairs will be set at socially distanced spaces, and only wafers will be offered.  If you would like to attend, please wear a face mask. (There will be no service leaflets – but words will be on the screens, in keeping with guidelines.)  The limit for attending will be 24 people.

St Catherine’s is complying with COVID-19 guidance.  Windows will be open, seats cleaned before and afterwards, the accessible toilet will be available.  You will need to be signed-in for track and trace purposes.  Government advice is that 70+ be encouraged to stay at home – but it is the individual decision as to whether you attend.  All are welcome!

This doesn’t set a precedent, and it doesn’t mean that regular communion services will now be reintroduced, as we need to be wise and there are lots of factors to take into account – and guidance keeps changing!

However, for now, we look forward to seeing you in person, or engaging with you online this Sunday!