Joint Service at Cornwell – Sunday 29th July

Sunday 29th July is a special joint service at Cornwell Community Church. Accordingly there is no 9:30am service at St Catherine’s.

We’ll meet in the Cornwell Center in Home Croft, off Clements Mead.  In response to previous feedback, the service will be at the normal Cornwell time of 11.00 am, with refreshments served from 10:30am. So please come early for cake and real coffee.

We hope you can join us there.

Messy Church – Saturday 7th July

The first Saturday of the month – 7th July – is just coming,  so it’s time for Messy Church !

You have hopefully already seen details about our Holiday Club during August (there’s no Messy Church in August for this reason).  It’s called Rocky’s Plaice and will be our familiar Holiday Club week of Fun, Games, Craft, Bible Stories and Songs, plus the chance to perform Drama and Song.

There are still places available at our Holiday Club, but please sign up soon.  If you want to read more, go to

But if Holiday Club is called Rocky’s Place, then “Who’s Rocky ?” – That’s the theme of our Messy Church this Saturday!

Come along on Saturday for our normal Messy mixture of Fun, Faith and Food, while finding out a bit more about Rocky and our Holiday Club.  Our hot meal will be Fish Fingers (and that’s a clue as to who Rocky is).

Yes, we know that there’s something on the TV at the same time, but if, just like us, you’re too nervous to watch – or, also like us, you think Messy Church is more fun anyway, then why not come along to St Catherine’s at 3:30pm on Saturday 7th July.

We’d love to see you there !

Messy Church – Saturday 2nd June

Did you know that the Bank Holiday we’ve just enjoyed was originally there to celebrate Pentecost ?

In years gone by, this Church celebration was also known as Whitsun (White Sunday) – hence the alternative name of the Bank Holiday – Whit Monday.

But what’s Pentecost, and why is it so important as to warrant a Bank Holiday ?  And why is it considered by many to be the Church’s Birthday ?

Why not come along to Messy Church this Saturday to find out what it’s all about, and how we feel the event it celebrates gives us “God’s Power to Change” !

We’ll be exploring the theme through Fun, Faith and Food with our usual mixture of Craft, Stories and Songs all followed up by a big Birthday Party Tea !

We’d love to see you at 3:30pm on Saturday June 2nd at St Catherine’s.

Thy Kingdom Come – 10 days of prayer

Thy Kingdom Come is a worldwide prayer initiative for the 10 days between Ascension and Pentecost (May 10th – 20th).

You are invited to join us in prayer every evening at 7:30pm in the Garden Room.  The room will be open at other times during the day for prayer.

A personal prayer journal / booklet is also available to help individual prayer wherever you may find yourself.

In addition, we will start with a lunchtime communion for Ascension Day (May 10th) in the Garden Room at 12:15pm, and we will end with a bring and share tea and evening celebration on Pentecost (May 20th).

Find out more at