Messy Church : Saturday 4th November

November Messy Church Advert - Bigger Barns

Christmas is approaching and all the adverts want us to buy more things.

Does getting more and more ‘stuff’ bring us happiness ? Most of us seem to act as if we’re determined to find out by trying!

What does the Bible have to say about having all this ‘stuff’?  Please join us at Messy Church on Saturday 4th November, where through our normal mixture of Fun, Faith and Food we’ll try to find out.

Messy Harvest : Saturday 7th October

Autumn is well and truly here, and as the old Harvest hymn put it “All is safely gathered in”.

Do we ever think about Harvest ?  Is such a concept out of date in today’s busy on demand 24/7 world ?

Please join us this Saturday – 7th October – for our Messy Harvest.  Through our normal mixture of Fun, Faith and Food we’ll explore Harvest, and try to learn a little more about sharing and being grateful.

As usual we start at 3:30 pm.  During our celebration we’re collecting food for the Churches In Reading Drop In Centre (C.I.R.D.I.C.), so donations of tinned and packet food are welcome.  We also hope you’ll stay for the meal, where we’ll be sharing warming soup.

We hope to see you there !

The post of Vicar for our Parish is currently being advertised

The post of Vicar for our Parish is currently being advertised in the Church Times and on the Diocesan website.

The interview date is Thursday, 16th November.

We encourage you to pray for :

  • The potential applicants as they read the advert and profile.
  • Wisdom and discernment for ourselves as the selection process moves forward.

Click here for further details :

Messy Church : After Show Party – Saturday 2nd September

After a break in August for our Showstoppers Holiday Club, Messy Church returns on the first Saturday of each month – so the next is this coming Saturday 2nd September.

Whether or not you came along to any part of our week long holiday club,  everyone is invited to the after show party.

Jesus liked a party, and we’ll be looking at a story he told about a great big party.

We’ll provide the party food, so why not bring the whole family to experience Fun, Faith & Food at St Catherine’s at 3:30pm on Saturday 2nd September.

Please also find below our planned Messy Dates for the next school year.

Showstoppers Holiday Club – please register by Friday 21st July

A reminder to register for our SHOWSTOPPERS Holiday Club.  It is very helpful to us if you register by Friday 21st July to enable us to plan the groups and get the right amount of resources for all our children.

If you haven’t already got your registration form, please pick one up from St Catherine’s church, or contact us via email.

Not heard of SHOWSTOPPERS ?  Then read on …

SHOWSTOPPERS is the theme of this year’s week long holiday club at St Catherine’s. It’s for children aged 5 – 11 and lasts 2 hours each morning.

Every morning, through fun, games, video, stories, songs, drama and craft; we’ll be looking at a well known story from the Bible that helps us understand God’s plans for us and his creation. At the end of each morning, different groups of children have the chance to be SHOWSTOPPERS as they perform a drama or song for parents.

Get ready to lift the curtain on the greatest show on earth – God’s great plan for salvation!

See the magazine, or click here, or contact us here for more details.


Joint Service at Cornwell – Sunday 9th July

Sunday 9th July is a joint service at the Cornwell Centre where we’ll join members of Cornwell Community Church.

In response to previous feedback, the service will be at the normal Cornwell time of 10.30 for 11.00 am. So come early for cake and real coffee.

Another reason for the later start is that we’ll finish with a picnic outside (weather permitting).  We’re not allowed to take anything outside the Cornwell Centre (chairs, tables, cutlery, crockery etc.) so bring what you’ll need to eat and sit on (we’ll continue to provide cake and drinks).

There will only be the 8:00am service at St Catherine’s on that Sunday, so we hope that you can join us, even if you can’t make the picnic.

Messy Church : What is Baptism ? – Saturday 1st July

The last of our “What is ?” Messy Church series, and the last before the summer break, we hope that you can join us on Saturday 1st July for our normal mix of Fun, Faith and Food.

This time we’re thinking about “What is Baptism ?”  Why are we baptised ? Was Jesus baptised ? Is it different from Christening ?  Come along to St Catherine’s at 3:30pm on Saturday 1st July to find out.