A Welcoming Message

From our Vicar – Rev. Denis Smith

680WiNPaThis is a time of great change and challenge for the Church of England.  It is no longer just sufficient to be there and wait for people to come in. Together we are searching for and finding new ways of being church.

Here are some pointers to our thinking:

  • It is important that the church is for all ages and abilities
  • We don’t have to do everything together nor everything apart.
  • We want to encounter a God who is alive and active in the world, a healing God who seeks to transform us through his Holy Spirit.
  • We want to embrace, develop and encourage all the talents that are around us.
  • We believe in a God who does make a difference, a God who still brings us, through Jesus, a full and whole way of living.
  • We want to encourage emerging ways of being church.
  • We want to be as much “out there” as we are “in church”.
  • We want to pray for, listen to and respond to the community.

Maybe we could join you on your journey and we could support and encourage each other.


October 2016 edit : While Denis has now moved on from our parish, and is no longer our Vicar, we thought it worth keeping his welcoming message here as it is still valid for the whole parish.