Project Update – end of March

March has been a month of consolidation after the impressive growth spurts earlier in the year.  We have learnt to be patient while boilers and pipework and other bits of plumbing are installed and all those electrical wires hanging out of the walls and ceilings get stuff attached to them.

We are more or less back on programme but the installation of the new gas meter is causing a few flutters, because without gas we cannot test the new equipment and get it all set up right. The kitchen layout has been finalised and the order placed with Wincombe Kitchens whose Paul Prankard has been helping us from the start to arrive at what we need.

On the funding front, we have received awards from Tilehurst Parish Council (£600) and Berkshire Churches Trust (£4,000) and are still waiting to hear from nine funders including Greenham Common Trust and the Englefield Trust.  Allchurches Trust has invited us to discuss our application in more detail and we are one of ASDA’s three chosen charities in March so we are encouraged to think the Lord is ensuring we’ll be able to pay back our loans sooner rather than later.

We continue to work well with our builder – Ian Legg has returned to take back the helm from Dave Lavender.  He has been busy avoiding clashes between the different elements of construction BEFORE they happen.  Many people think building is simple because they can understand the component bits like electrics, plumbing, bricklaying etc – the clever part, however, is fitting them all together and we are blessed to have Ian around to do this.

We are nearly there now, with only a few decisions left about carpets and lighting. However, please don’t stop praying for the safety of all our builders and their managers and remember particularly the fundraising efforts which will not stop.

Richard Canning
Project Treasurer

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