Café Closure – Friday 23rd February

The cafe will be closed on Friday 23rd February as St Catherine’s is hosting another 2 day Diocesan Conference.

The Café will be open as usual on Thursday 1st March.

2 thoughts on “Café Closure – Friday 23rd February

  1. Christine Emerson says:

    Dear St Catherine ‘s Cafe. I am a member of the WI group, who meet on a Wednesday evening at St Catherine ‘s. We are hoping to come to your cafe on Friday 13th April for a cuppa and chat. There could be approximately 10 of us. I hope that is okay.
    Kind regards, Christine Emerson


    • Stuart Poore says:

      Christine – Thank you for checking with us. We’d be delighted to see you Friday and look forward to your visit.

      Sorry for the late response – the person who looks after this web site was away.


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