Journey with us through Holy Week

During the Coronavirus lock-down, all our services will be live-streamed on our Facebook page and available here on our Website


10.00 am – Morning Prayer at Home
4.00 pm – Holy Week Reflection and Activity

Good Friday:

9.00 am – Mini Tots Praise
10.00 am – Good Friday Family Worship (pre-recorded)
3.00 pm – Meditations and Reflections on the Cross


6.30 am – Dawn Chorus Spiritual Communion
10.00 am – Easter Celebration Service

Palm Sunday Livestreaming Service : 5th April

We’re planning to live-stream a special Palm Sunday service this Sunday 5th April.

Hopefully there will be multiple participants and live music as well as a Palm Sunday sermon.

Please join us on Facebook for the live-stream tomorrow, Sunday 5th April at 10.00 am.

All our on line resources fur during lockdown can be found here

Our daily thought videos can be found here

Our previous live-streamed service videos can be found here

RG31 Magazine – April 20

The April issue of RG31 – our Parish Magazine – is now available on-line here, or click on the image.

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown we are currently in, there will not be a printed version of the months magazine, and it will be the last issue of the magazine until further notice.

If you have the ability to download and read PDF files, you can click here to do so.







Video Services during Lockdown

We’re trying to offer lots of content and encouragement throughout the corona virus lockdown. Currently our videos appear on Facebook first, but Facebook doesn’t make it easy for you to keep track of what is going up where and when.

Here’s what we’re trying to offer :-

  • Morning Prayer: (Live; 10am Mon-Friday)
  • Daily Thought: (Pre-recorded; Approx 4pm Mon-Friday)
  • Tots Praise: (Pre-recorded; 9am Friday)
  • Saturday Funday, a silly game with Gill & Phil: (Pre-recorded 10am Saturday)
  • Sunday worship: (Live; 10am Sunday)

Please go to one of the pages below to find and watch the video you’re after

Our latest videos can be found here

All our previously Live-streamed Service videos can be found here

All our Daily Thought videos can be found here

Livestreaming Service Info : 21st & 22nd March

A message from Gill

This Saturday (March 21st) is what we are going to call call “Saturday Funday” – so we are not livestreaming Morning Prayer at Home at 10.00 am (feel free to say it alone!) – but a video of Phil and I playing “Would I lie to you?” – some light relief we hope!  Feedback always appreciated!

Do join us for the livestream tomorrow, Sunday 22nd March, of a sermon based on John 9 at 10.00 am.

Also, if you’d like to be part of the first livestream CofE communion service led by Archbishop Justine Welby, you can join him on a local radio station, or on the CofE website at 9.00am.

And don’t forget that tomorrow, which is Mothering Sunday, is also a National Day of Prayer – we are all invited to light a candle and put it in our front window at 7.00 pm.

God bless us all – and keep praising Jesus!


All our spiritual nourishment materials can be found here

Our daily thought videos can be found here

Our livestreamed videos can be found here

Physical Help during Coronavirus

If you need help

Members of our church community have been placed into groups, with each group having one or two coordinators.

Members are encouraged to contact their coordinator if they fall ill or are restricted to their homes.  Their coordinator can then organise assistance as required.

If you are unsure whether you are on this list, or unsure who your coordinator is, please contact us by emailing

Similarly, if you would like to be put on a list, or to be contacted by a coordinator, please email us at

If you can offer help

We are compiling a list of list of volunteers who are willing to offer help to those unable to leave their homes.  These people would be willing and able to deliver or shop,  dropping things off on doorsteps/through letterboxes to those who are self-isolating.  Please email if you think you may be able to help.

Please return to this page for updates.