Sunday Worship – 2nd August

You can join us for worship in two ways this Sunday, 2nd August:

10.00 am On-line Worship service, with worship songs and lively preaching

10.00 am Communion at St Catherine’s, This will be a simple spoken service, with no singing. In keeping with regulations, chairs will be set at socially distanced spaces, and only wafers will be offered.  If you would like to attend, please wear a face mask. (There will be no service leaflets – but words will be on the screens, in keeping with guidelines.)  The limit for attending will be 24 people.

St Catherine’s is complying with COVID-19 guidance.  Windows will be open, seats cleaned before and afterwards, the accessible toilet will be available.  You will need to be signed-in for track and trace purposes.  Government advice is that 70+ be encouraged to stay at home – but it is the individual decision as to whether you attend.  All are welcome!

This doesn’t set a precedent, and it doesn’t mean that regular communion services will now be reintroduced, as we need to be wise and there are lots of factors to take into account – and guidance keeps changing!

However, for now, we look forward to seeing you in person, or engaging with you online this Sunday!

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