St Catherine’s Centre Activities

We are pleased to announce that St Catherine’s Centre (both Hall and Church) is open for hire and holding meetings from the 1st of September.  We will be following Government guidelines as we continue to explore how best to operate in a Corvid safe manner as our users return.

We have been holding Sunday Services in the Church building, in a Corvid-secure environment, for a while now.

In addition, the Café is now open on Thursdays and Fridays with a reduced service.

Accordingly, we are now exploring the best way to open the Hall for use by groups, in a safe manner.

We are asking all groups to undertake additional responsibilities to try and ensure a Corvid-secure environment.  As part of this will are temporarily splitting the centre into two zones.  We ask Hall users to enter via the southern, road side entrance and Church users to enter via the northern, car park side entrance.

In accordance with Government Guidelines, most Hall and Church users will be expected to wear face coverings while they are inside the building.

We totally understand that some groups and some individuals will not consider it appropriate to attend or re-start at this time.

Activities will resume when each group thinks best for their users.  Please chat to your group organiser for details.

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