Latest resources during Coronavirus

We are aware that many sought spiritual nourishment during the time of Coronavirus when we were unable to attend Church services together.  This was especially important for those self isolating.

Accordingly, over a period of a year and a quarter, we broadcast many hundreds of videos for people to watch at home. These included a weekday morning prayer service on Facebook, and we also met together via Zoom.

While a weekly livestream of our Sunday Morning service at St Catherine’s continues, our regular weekday morning prayer video services have now finished.

This post was originally used to point people to the latest resources. It now remains to point people to those historical resources, as well as the latest videos still being produced.


All our latest videos can be found here

A series of links to our old Morning Prayer & Sunday Service videos can be found here

Other Resources

All our downloadable resources, including our ‘At Home’ service booklet, can be found here

A lot of announcements and links to additional material can be found on our Facebook page.

Last updated 30th June 2021

Originally published Monday 16th March 2020

2 thoughts on “Latest resources during Coronavirus

  1. Re Soul Music interludes… pleasantly light and surprisingly good to get some relevant points of view across….keep up the good work!

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