Messy Church – Saturday 6th October

As the autumn colours appear in the trees, it is time to celebrate Harvest.

While few of us do any real harvesting these days, it is still a good time to stop and give thanks for what we’ve got, and to help others who have less.

Accordingly we invite you to bring donations of food for the charity ‘Readifood’ – Reading’s food bank.

We’ll start our time together with lots of fun craft and activities linked to our Bible story – The feeding of the 5,000.

Then we’ll celebrate, singing songs, hearing the Bible story and praying together.  We’ll also hear how we can help others over Christmas through ‘Operation Shoebox’.

This should be a great opportunity for all the family to spend time exploring these themes together.

Please join us at St Catherine’s on Saturday 6th at 3:30pm.  Why not invite a friend.

Messy Church – Saturday 1st September

After the summer break for Holiday Club, Messy Church resumes its usual routine of meeting on the first Saturday of month.  And that’s sooner than you might think !  It’s this Saturday – the 1st of September.

Many of the children will have joined us for our Holiday Club, and we’re keeping the holiday club fun going with this week’s theme – “Chip Shop Church”.

However, unlike Holiday Club, we want the whole family to come along and join in the mixture of Fun, Faith and Food, while finding out a bit more about what it means to be Church.

Keeping with the Chip Shop theme, our hot meal will be Fish Fingers (vegan option available)

We’d love to see you at St Catherine’s, this Saturday, starting at 3:30pm for Messy Church !

Also, below, is our Messy Church calendar for the whole year.  Also, look out for details on St Catherine’s new Sunday afternoon Family service coming soon !

Messy Church – Saturday 7th July

The first Saturday of the month – 7th July – is just coming,  so it’s time for Messy Church !

You have hopefully already seen details about our Holiday Club during August (there’s no Messy Church in August for this reason).  It’s called Rocky’s Plaice and will be our familiar Holiday Club week of Fun, Games, Craft, Bible Stories and Songs, plus the chance to perform Drama and Song.

There are still places available at our Holiday Club, but please sign up soon.  If you want to read more, go to

But if Holiday Club is called Rocky’s Place, then “Who’s Rocky ?” – That’s the theme of our Messy Church this Saturday!

Come along on Saturday for our normal Messy mixture of Fun, Faith and Food, while finding out a bit more about Rocky and our Holiday Club.  Our hot meal will be Fish Fingers (and that’s a clue as to who Rocky is).

Yes, we know that there’s something on the TV at the same time, but if, just like us, you’re too nervous to watch – or, also like us, you think Messy Church is more fun anyway, then why not come along to St Catherine’s at 3:30pm on Saturday 7th July.

We’d love to see you there !

Messy Church – Saturday 2nd June

Did you know that the Bank Holiday we’ve just enjoyed was originally there to celebrate Pentecost ?

In years gone by, this Church celebration was also known as Whitsun (White Sunday) – hence the alternative name of the Bank Holiday – Whit Monday.

But what’s Pentecost, and why is it so important as to warrant a Bank Holiday ?  And why is it considered by many to be the Church’s Birthday ?

Why not come along to Messy Church this Saturday to find out what it’s all about, and how we feel the event it celebrates gives us “God’s Power to Change” !

We’ll be exploring the theme through Fun, Faith and Food with our usual mixture of Craft, Stories and Songs all followed up by a big Birthday Party Tea !

We’d love to see you at 3:30pm on Saturday June 2nd at St Catherine’s.

Messy Church : Saturday 5th May

Are you enjoying the current good weather ?

We’re thinking about weather at our next Messy Church, but something less pleasant – Hurricanes !

Our next Messy Church is this coming Saturday 5th May, which is close to this year’s Christian Aid week (13th – 19th).  We’re looking at how Christian Aid helps people less fortunate than ourselves – such as those in Haiti who have recently been devastated by Hurricanes and Earthquakes.

There’s lots we can do to help, and we’ll think about some of those while having our normal mixture of Fun, Faith and Food !

So please join us at St Catherine’s from 3:30pm on Saturday.

Messy Church : Saturday 3rd March

Our next Messy Church is Saturday – March 3rd, so please join us if you can at St Catherine’s for Fun, Faith and Food.

We’re in the season of Lent. You’ve had your pancakes and possibly given something up, but does that tell us anything about Lent ? Come along on Saturday to find out more.

It would great if you can join us – on Saturday 3rd from 3:30pm – and why not make it more fun by bringing a friend!

Messy Church : Saturday 3rd February

Our next Messy Church is Saturday – Feb 3rd,  so please join us if you can at St Catherine’s for Fun, Faith and Food.

Our theme this week is ‘Different is Good’ where we’ll be thinking about how God’s message is for everyone, despite our many differences.

Our food is Sausage Casserole and Pasta  (with a veggie option available if you’re different 🙂 ).  Desert is Scotch pancakes with bananas and syrup.

It would great if you can join us – on Saturday 3rd from 3:30pm – and why not make it more fun by bringing a friend!

Messy Church : A New Start – Saturday 6th January

Christmas is over, the children are back at school and life is ‘back to normal’ after the long break. However, for many people there is still a feeling of ‘A New Start’ in the air.

We’ll be exploring that feeling at Messy Church this Saturday where we’ll be looking at the story of Noah and the new start which those events brought.

To help the story, we encourage young and old alike to bring along a soft toy animal !

We hope to see you at St Catherine’s, on Saturday 6th January, starting at 3:30pm.